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Get your architecture firm found on Google

Your website is the home of your business online. It’s easier to get found by clients when your website is shown at the top of relevant search results.


We help you gain more visitors and convert them into clients without paid ads.

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Our seo services include


  • In-depth evaluation of the website's content & structure

  • Full report with improvement recommendations

on-page SEO

  • Keyword research

  • Content optimisation

  • Content adaption for mobile device

technical SEO

  • Google Search Console setup

  • Identifying crawling errors & speed

  • Website security

How it works

Target audience research

First and foremost, it is important to understand your target audience and their journey in the hiring process. 

Then, we conduct market research to identify opportunities.

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Keyword research

Keyword research

Once we understand who your client is, we will find out how they make their research on the search engines to find you.

During this process, we also classify the keyword accordingly to their stage on the buyer's journey:

  • Top of funnel: this is the awareness stage. Your potential client identified their problem but still doesn't know how to solve it. Therefore they aren't ready to start the hiring process. 

  • Middle of the funnel: the intermediary stage of the hiring process. The prospects are aware of the problem and have the intention to solve it. This is where they become more interested in your solutions.

  • Bottom of the funnel: This is where your prospect is well educated about the possible solutions for their problem and are ready to hire.

SEO Audit

On this stage, we conduct in-depth research on your website to find out any issues or opportunities for improvement that can hinder the visibility of your website by the search engines. The website audit constitutes of 4 parts:

  1. Target audience

  2. Website's architecture and structure

  3. Content

  4. Competition

For each problem identified, we will estimate the impact and difficulty of implementation, classified by importance. 

With the document on hands, you can discuss the implementation with your webmaster or marketing specialist.


Monthly analytics Report

You will receive monthly reports so you can see the progress of the project, with the following information:

  • organic traffic analysis

  • ranking position for relevant keywords

  • conversion analysis

  • and more

Start now. Get results.

Get more qualified prospects and get a better positioning on the search engines even on a lower budget. 

Need a complete marketing service?

Check out our  marketing packages and find the best solution for your practice! 

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