Social Media management for Architects & Designers

Let's take marketing out of your plate. With the Build package, you can free up your time to focus on client experience and delivery.

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Endless to-do lists wouldn’t let you focus on the projects? It's time to call in reinforcements.


Together, we'll grow your online presence and business with high quality, industry specialised content that attracts more of your ideal clients—an ongoing effort to keep you on the top of the marketing game.

We will create, manage and optimise your Marketing Strategy from start to finish –everything is done with your approval - so you can go back to your zone of genius and do more of what you love.


What is included

Social Media marketing strategy

A step-by-step action plan to increase results on social media and generate more leads. 

Content Calendar

3 month written schedule with a plan to publish upcoming content.

Content audit and optimisation

Audit of existent profiles, set up and optimisation of up to 2 social media profiles

content creation

1  blog post per month (800-1000words), optimised SEO to hit keywords 

social profiles management

Scheduling and posting 5 posts a week on up to 2 social media profiles 

Sponsored content campaign

Social media post promotion to reach new audiences

Analytics report

Qualitative and quantitative report with suggestions for improvement

Ongoing support

Additional services

Content upload, design & development for up to six webpages (you can add more)

What's next?

Schedule a quick chat where we can talk about how we can help you bring your vision to life, so you can focus on developing your business.

detailed Process





To start things off, you complete a questionnaire that dives into the soul of your practice. 

kick-off call

We set up a call to go through your answers and formally introduce each other! Our focus is to get clarity over your goals and answer any questions you might have.



We are going to audit your existing social media profiles, conduct market & competition research. Then we will develop an effective social media strategy tailored for your goals and your budget.


Once approved, we'll work to put the strategy into practice:

  • Development of schedule for posts

  • Gathering resources and materials

  • Overseeing your budget

  • Posting

  • Measuring and reporting, based on goals previously defined.


review & refine

Once a month, we hop on a call to review the progress and present your analytics, where we can see what works and suggestions for improvement.

Social media is all about being present, showing up and creating a community that loves your work!
We are here to help you creating content that engages your ideal clients, monitoring your metrics &
 keeping your brand consistent.
let's do it|!
This package is perfect for...

Experient practices that need a regular online presence


Frequently asked questions

Will you be able to write about my industry/company?

Yes, we will do that, as Architecture and Interior Design is our area of expertise. Depending on your preference, we may adapt your text and optimise it for SEO & marketing use or create original articles.

Do you outsource your writers or do you have in-house writers?

We have both in-house writers as well as vetted freelancers that cooperate with us.

Are there additional costs?

There is no additional cost for the ongoing services specified in the agreement with us. We are however happy to accommodate your additional requirements. However, if you plan to run any paid campaign (e.g. sponsored content, Google Ads, Facebook ads, etc.), it is important to set up a specific budget, as it is not covered by the package.

What type of reporting is provided?

Every month, you will receive a dashboard that we'll use to report back on the areas that are doing well and the ones that need improvement, according to your goals previously defined.
Depending on the service scope, you will be informed about the progress and results in the most suitable way, specified in our offer and agreement.

What happens if I decide to cancel my package?

You can cancel at any time accordingly with the agreement clauses. You are also encouraged to share your thoughts with us on the regular ideas to adjust our offer to your needs on an ongoing basis.

Do I get to approve the posts before they go live?

Absolutely! We are happy to work in the arrangement best suited for you.

Do you select the topics or do I?

It is totally up to you! We will discuss them together and advise you on the optimal choice that will target your desired customer. You can use your unique insights and expertise, or we can take care of that part for you as well.

How do you optimise the blog posts?

We optimise several dozens of parameters across the following categories: factual & scientific correctness (fact-checked information & credible sources), readability (engaging, exciting & well-written articles), uniqueness (adding value for the reader), brand integrity (what distinguishes your company), richness of content (use of graphics, illustrations, videos, variated sources), technical SEO (making it Google-friendly and well-presentable in the search results).