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content marketing

Attract your ideal clients and increase brand awareness without being sales-y

Content Marketing is one of the best strategies for Architects and Interior Designers to consolidate an online presence and straighten their relationships with potential clients.


By creating relevant and engaging content, it is easier to attract their ideal clients and create a positive impact. 

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Our content marketing service includes

market research

  • Keyword research

  • Persona & Market research

  • Definition of KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Buyer's journey development

content audit

  • Social Profiles optimisation

  • Evaluation & Optimisation of content (if aplicable) 

content creation

  • Content calendar

  • Content creation (SEO friendly)

  • Distribution

marketing analytics & data

  • Monthly review and improvement recommendation

How it works


Do you know who your ideal client is and how to reach them? At this stage, we will do lots of research to develop personas for your practice, conduct extensive market research to understand your competition and identify opportunities on the market.

We are going to dive deep into your brand's DNA and define clear metrics base on your current goals, e.g.:

  • Brand Awareness

  • Lead generation

  • Customer relationship

  • and more.


Campaign preparation

content audit


If you already have some online presence, you have likely created some content. We are going to review all your content, such as:

  • URLs

  • Blogs

  • News 

  • Social Media posts

  • etc.

After collecting and analysing all data​, you will clearly understand what resonates with your audience, what needs to be updated, and what doesn't benefit your brand.

content strategy

With all that information on our hands, we can understand your ideal client's process, from the moment of the first contact to hiring you. This is the moment we can develop a content strategy for each stage of the process:

  • Top of funnel: this is the awareness stage. Your potential client identified their problem but still doesn't know how to solve it. Therefore they aren't ready to start the hiring process. 

  • Middle of the funnel: the intermediary stage of the hiring process. The prospects are aware of the problem and have the intention to solve it. This is where they become more interested in your solutions.

  • Bottom of the funnel: This is where your prospect is well educated about the possible solutions for their problem and are ready to hire.

With the content calendar, we make sure the content is consistently distributed across the platforms.​ You can also opt to increase the number of people reached through ads & sponsored content (budget not included in the price).


content creation & distribution


Once the content strategy is approved, it's time to act! We are going to create high quality, industry-specialised content that inspires your audience to take action! 

Generating diversified formats of content will add more value and help us understand what your audience responds best to, e.g.:

  • Image

  • Videos

  • Social media posts

  • Blog posts

  • infographics

  • and more.

Tell us about your ideas!

"content is king."

Bill Gates

Become a customer magnet with content that reflects the quality of your work and provide the right solutions to the right people

Need a complete marketing service?

Check out our marketing packages and find the best solution for your practice! 

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