paid advertising

Pay Per Click ads &

Social Media sponsored content

Developing interest organically takes time and has its limits.


Pay per click campaigns and sponsored content allows you to reach your clients quicker and at scale.


Sometimes they may even direct to you customers ready to hire your service straight away!


Our PPC service includes

campaign strategy

  • Keyword research

  • Audience target

landing page optimisation

  • Copy

  • Landing page development

ad setup - image & copy

  • Development of ads/sponsored content

  • Ads placement

analysis & optimisation

  • A/B test 

  • Ads report with improvement recommendations

How it works

Advertising strategy

  • Determining which platforms your customers use

  • Choosing the best media for your goals (i.e. developing future client base vs driving almost instant sales) 

  • Establishing an appropriate budget


Campaign preparation


landing page creation

  • Originating sales funnel and establishing/confirming sales process

  • Creating a landing page or enabling direct contact

  • Creating ad copy and graphic/thumbnail up to the platform standards using company branding resources

Ad set up

  • Optimising campaign parameters (bids, optimisation target, campaign length, budget distribution across the period, advertising hours)

  • Precise segmentation: demographic, keyword and group/fan page targeting


Running ads

  • A/B testing (depending on the budget) and tuning ads for better efficiency

  • Discussing the results and your feedback on client interactions

  • Sharing the analytical results and enabling audience retargeting if agreed on tag/pixel tracking


  • Google Ads (search results & websites)

  • Facebook Ads

  • LinkedIn Ads 

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

boost your lead generation

Increase conversions and drive more revenue to your company through effective advertising campaigns and sponsored content.

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Frequently asked questions

I have never used paid advertising. How do I make sense of it?

We will choose the right strategy for you and answer your questions to make sure you are aligned and included in the process.

What is the right budget to test the advertising?

It depends on your goals, location and service scope. Usually, we suggest monthly spending starting from $500 or £400.

How long will I have to wait to receive customers?

It depends on the type of services you offer, customer purchasing cycle, the timeframe of the project negotiation and the customer intention. We don’t own a crystal ball to predict everything, but we have extensive knowledge to make this process as quick and predictable as possible.

Which advertising platforms should I use?

Those were your clients are, and that suit your needs. We will make sure to choose the right one(s) to bring you the best results.

What are the benefits of using your services compared to running ads on my own?

We will make sure your ad spending is used efficiently and that your brand image is maintained at a high level. It is easy to burn money on ads and damage your reputation.

How do you charge for running ads?

In most cases, we will charge you a starting set up fee plus a flat monthly fee for the cooperation duration depending on the complexity of the ad set up and preparation. That means that 100% of your ad budget will be used on advertising and you will only pay us for the work we will do for you.

Do you guarantee the results?

We always deliver you the best in class work on our site and make sure to include you in the process. As the results depend on a number of factors outside of our influence (such as clients spending patterns, competition, time, brand value & goodwill and many other), we can only guarantee you high-standard execution of the process.

Can I pay you after clients pay me?

We are able to break down the payment if you prefer it, but we keep it independent of your client’s payment terms. In other words, we charge you for the marketing services we deliver and do not take the commission for the clients we help you to reach.

Will you connect me with the clients ready to make a purchase?

We will help you to get to the potential clients. Some of them may want to buy your services straight away. Others might need convincing or just want to inquire about hiring you when they purchase their dream home or get their building project accepted.

What should be my involvement in the advertising and sales process?

We will interview you to establish your advertising goals & budget and discuss your service scope and ideal customer profile.

Are there any limitations to advertising timeframes?

It can take several days up to a few weeks to roll out an advertising campaign, depending on the complexity & its scope. Then, the campaign's length is determined by the established goals, the market size and your budget. To achieve the best results & ROI, we recommend campaigns of at least 3-6 months of advertising time. That way, you can tap into the pool of customers that fulfil detailed criteria that make them likely buyers. It also allows us to optimise ads based on their performance, providing you with higher click-through rates and lower cost per lead.

Will advertising as an architect hurt my reputation, especially in challenging times like now?

No, the right form of advertising will only benefit your reputation. People need the services you deliver and would like to learn more about them. Advertising to relevant groups of people makes it easier for them and provides them with the knowledge they are looking for. Even in times of economic downturn, there is a demand for interior design & architectural services. Especially when people spend more time at home, it doubles as a home office, studying area & leisure space. Also, businesses need to plan and adequately roll out adjustments to accommodate the changes to operational restrictions